G is for Going to the Trafford Centre

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When it comes to procrastination, I think we can all agree there’s no better way to avoid writing than by running away. So on Sunday, I ran (was driven) to the Trafford Centre. I bloody love the Trafford Centre.  I never really buy anything when I’m there which makes people wonder why I bother. Those […]

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F is for Faffing About

Today, being Saturday, is made for procrastinating and generally doing nothing. It always was. Even when I used to work in call centres Saturdays and Sundays were days when we would expect to do nothing and get quite huffy when customers dared to call us. Now I work (yes I bloody do) from home, I […]

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E is for Early to Bed, Early to Rise

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Last Sunday, the clocks went forward, you might have noticed. If you didn’t notice then now you know why you’ve been early…or late…or both…all week. I noticed. I’ve been noticing for the past 5 days. I hate it when the clocks go forward; it takes me months to get used to the new times. I […]

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D is for Cunning Plans

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One of the main problems with going for a walk is the inevitable moment when you meet other people. This is made worse if you go for a walk at the same time each day because people are creatures of habit. If you go walking at 09:30, so do other people. Now I have people […]

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C is for Can’t be Arsed

I had many choices of topic for today’s A to Z entry. I started with Computer Games, then Cheese on Toast. I moved on to Cats, Cubes and Cake before realising I couldn’t be arsed. Luckily, that also begins with C so here we are, not being arsed. Send to Kindle

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B is for Belgian Buns

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Procrastination is a great thing, as I may have mentioned before. I know many of you think otherwise, but you’re all wrong. Not writing can easily be as useful as bleeding over twenty paragraphs of carefully crafted text. So if I’m not writing, what am I doing? Well, as that’s the theme of my A […]

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A is for Another Stupid Idea

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One day I’m sat here minding my own business, the next I’ve agreed to do something stupid. This time the stupid thing is the A to Z Challenge and this is my first post. I’m going to try and theme my posts in a kind of loose way thus allowing myself to make things a […]

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The Self Promotion Monster

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There’s a lot of talk about self promotion on Twitter right now. It’s all down to an article in The Guardian about one Mohsin Hamid who has been branded a monster for his particularly vehement style of getting his name out there. What’s he doing? Well from what I can gather, he has been tweeting […]

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Bye Bye Posterous

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On April 30th 2013 the blogging platform, Posterous, will shut down. This is both a bit of a shock and not really a shock at all. It’s main selling point was to allow easy blogging via email. But then along came smart phones with apps like the lovely WordPress app that meant you could blog […]

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New Year: Resolutions & Wishes

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It’s New Year’s Eve and will soon be 2013. 2013! How the fuck did that happen? Last thing I remember was getting drunk, eating cheese and complaining about the weather. Suddenly it’s the new year and I don’t appear to have achieved anything. Again. Oh well, maybe 2013 will be different. Maybe I’ll finally get […]

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Kid Stare

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They call him, Kid Stare. I know that now but back then I had no idea. Back then I was an innocent. Back then I felt safe. It was a week ago and the weather was sunny, a perfect day for ride on my red trike. It had a long handle on the back and […]

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All Change

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A few years back (2003, I think) I worked as a temp for a company that sold beds where my job was in the stock office at the main distribution warehouse. There were 12 full time staff in the office and 4 temps, 3 had been there for a few weeks before me. On day […]

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Stop spamming, twit

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  I bloody love Twitter, me. It’s aces. Without Twitter, I’d have nobody to talk to each day. When I worked in call centres, I’d have various people in and around my pod who I could banter with throughout the day, working at home, I rely on Twitter to provide this very important function. So […]

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E-Books vs. Real Books: The Solution

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I’ve wanted to write a post about the on-going battle between lovers of e-books and those who prefer “real” or printed books for quite some time. It was originally going to be an article to be pitched to Writing Magazine and was going to be called, Stop Your Incessant Whining. I’ve never bothered writing it […]

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Business blogging – Nobody likes a shill

Recently, I’ve been trying to push my writing business toward the online world, and away from the printed. Now,with a little help from a friend, it’s finally happening. I’m now promoting my skills as a blogger for hire and we’ve got a few companies interested. We’ve done this by getting them to think of their […]

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Seven networking don’ts

Networking. It’s one of those horrible businessey things that, as a writer, you might find yourself doing. Some of you will be dreading the thought, I know I was when I tried it last year. And even though I’d read a little about it, I really had no idea. My first few attempts were awful, […]

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Custard Cream of Doom

Back in 2010, I was invited to write a short piece for the wonderful, but now sadly suspended, Encounters With Remarkable Biscuits. The following is the piece I produced, I thought you might like to see it. Send to Kindle

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