A to Z Challenge

W is for What Happened to V?

If you tuned in yesterday (and why would you? It’s all got a bit quiet) then you will have noticed that V is missing from this A to Z. That was mostly because I went shopping. And since that’s one of the best ways I know of not writing I decided to use it as […]

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U is for Updating Software

Today I am mostly updating the software on my website hosting account. For those who don’t know, I run a small web-hosting company called CakeHosting where I provide space for people who want to run blogs on their own domains. I also offer support for people who need it even if they don’t host their […]

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T is for Taking Time to Think

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Last night I did my second favourite thing to do when I’m alone in the flat. I had a bloody good think. I thought about my many writing projects and tried to work out what I can do about them all. This was brought about by mention on Twitter of a new film called Sharknado. […]

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S is for Story Cubes

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Back when it was nice and cold and Christmas was happening, I began to look for presents for people. As always, I found loads of stuff for myself instead. One of those things was Rory’s Story Cubes. They looked interesting and I thought they might be a nice prezzie for the Not-Girlfriend’s little boy. But […]

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R is for Really Not In The Mood

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Q is for Quizzing Your Characters

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There comes a time in every story where you suddenly think to yourself, “What the hell am I writing?” Panic sets in as your characters start doing things you hadn’t envisioned them doing. This would normally be great, after all it should make the writing easier if your little actors are doing their own thing. […]

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P is for Painting, Podcasts and photography

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P is also for pork, procrastination and pissing about. I thought I might do one of those “clever” posts where everything starts with P. I was positively panicked at the potential paradox of putting pen to paper that I pouldn’t peven pake phis pentence pake pence. Or something. So I stopped. Send to Kindle

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O is for Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time there was a writer who wrote a story. He got as far as finishing the first paragraph and then proudly read back the work he had done. Right away he noticed some spelling errors and corrected them. Then he noticed that he’d written form, instead of from, several times and corrected […]

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N is for Not Easy Being Gorgeous

Today I have mostly been going through my old photos to see how gorgeous I was. Turns out I still  am gorgeous. So in the name of procrastination and not really be arsed to write anything today, Here are some pictures from the collection.   Send to Kindle

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M is for Microphone

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Those of you who know me well will be aware of my obsessive side. You  will also know that for the last few weeks I’ve been obsessed with the Blue Yeti microphone. Well, I finally took the plunge and bought it and it arrived today. This will be a real help to my procrastination and […]

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L is for Learning

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Learning is fun! That’s what I keep telling my clients whenever they ask for help with their websites and blogs. It  might not seem like fun, but if you’re not enjoying it, it won’t stay inside your brains. As writers, we have to enjoy learning because that’s what research is and how much fun is […]

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K is for Keyboard

Today is one of those days where thinking is hard. Therefore I have decided to blame my keyboard. I feel this will become a trend in the coming weeks, especially on days where I can’t think of anything to write. Clearly it’s my keyboard that is at fault so I shall be keyboard shopping because, […]

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J is for Jibber the Kibber

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On the 15th of April 1755, Dr Samuel Johnson published his long awaited dictionary. On the 16th of April that same year, Mr S. Balrdick used the dictionary to look up some rude words. Turnip…heheheheheh And so began a fascination with words that permeated throughout all the people of the land. Most of those people […]

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I is for Ideas

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If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s coming up with ever more ideas for stories or other projects. And you can pretty much guarantee that if anything is going to stop me from writing what I’m supposed to be writing it’s having a great idea for something else to write. Right now for example, […]

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H is for Horace Goes Skiing

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I was an 80’s teenager (could be the title of my autobiography) which for me meant one thing, home computers. Yes I was a teenager at just the right time, as far as home technology was concerned. I’d had a play with a Sinclair ZX81 at school and found the whole thing amazing. When they […]

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G is for Going to the Trafford Centre

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When it comes to procrastination, I think we can all agree there’s no better way to avoid writing than by running away. So on Sunday, I ran (was driven) to the Trafford Centre. I bloody love the Trafford Centre.  I never really buy anything when I’m there which makes people wonder why I bother. Those […]

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F is for Faffing About

Today, being Saturday, is made for procrastinating and generally doing nothing. It always was. Even when I used to work in call centres Saturdays and Sundays were days when we would expect to do nothing and get quite huffy when customers dared to call us. Now I work (yes I bloody do) from home, I […]

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E is for Early to Bed, Early to Rise

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Last Sunday, the clocks went forward, you might have noticed. If you didn’t notice then now you know why you’ve been early…or late…or both…all week. I noticed. I’ve been noticing for the past 5 days. I hate it when the clocks go forward; it takes me months to get used to the new times. I […]

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D is for Cunning Plans

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One of the main problems with going for a walk is the inevitable moment when you meet other people. This is made worse if you go for a walk at the same time each day because people are creatures of habit. If you go walking at 09:30, so do other people. Now I have people […]

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