A to Z Challenge

C is for Can’t be Arsed

I had many choices of topic for today’s A to Z entry. I started with Computer Games, then Cheese on Toast. I moved on to Cats, Cubes and Cake before realising I couldn’t be arsed. Luckily, that also begins with C so here we are, not being arsed. Send to Kindle

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B is for Belgian Buns

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Procrastination is a great thing, as I may have mentioned before. I know many of you think otherwise, but you’re all wrong. Not writing can easily be as useful as bleeding over twenty paragraphs of carefully crafted text. So if I’m not writing, what am I doing? Well, as that’s the theme of my A […]

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A is for Another Stupid Idea

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One day I’m sat here minding my own business, the next I’ve agreed to do something stupid. This time the stupid thing is the A to Z Challenge and this is my first post. I’m going to try and theme my posts in a kind of loose way thus allowing myself to make things a […]

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