Business blogging – Nobody likes a shill

by Mr Uku

Recently, I’ve been trying to push my writing business toward the online world, and away from the printed. Now,with a little help from a friend, it’s finally happening.

I’m now promoting my skills as a blogger for hire and we’ve got a few companies interested. We’ve done this by getting them to think of their online presence as a pincer attack. That is, by having both a main sales site – which we can also provide – and a separate blog.

You see, a static website on its own just wont attract the attention of the search engines. But they seem to love a regularly updated and well designed blog. So why not have both and work them in tandem

Stop advertising

Blogging for business is something that has occurred to many companies, but it’s very easy to get it wrong. Businesses often see them as an easy way of advertising their product or telling the world how well they’re doing.

That’s just lazy and as I stated in my title, nobody likes a shill. What we’re doing is building a network of readers who are interested in our client’s niche. We write regular posts, in a magazine style, that reflect the niche and how people think about it. By providing interesting content, that informs without the need for obvious advertising, we encourage repeat visits .

Start talking

All we’re really doing is taking advantage of what blogs and the social network do best. Communicate. And by communicating with our potential customers, we show that our clients aren’t just in this business for the money. We can show that they genuinely enjoy recycling or bushcraft, or whatever their niche is, and that they know what they are talking about.

The only thing we don’t do on the blog is sell – well, not so you’d notice. So readers who want to buy equipment or services are nudged toward the main site. Not too difficult as it’s the only other site we advertise. This helps to attract the attention of the search engines which boosts the main sites rating.

So, our client gets a couple of great sites to plug their wears. I get a regular income from all the blog updates. And our readers get access to a great new knowledge base. As a bonus, it also gives me an excuse to learn about loads of new stuff. Which is why I got into writing in the first place.

Everyone’s a winner

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