N is for Not Easy Being Gorgeous

Today I have mostly been going through my old photos to see how gorgeous I was. Turns out I still  am gorgeous. So in the name of procrastination and not really be arsed to write anything today, Here are some pictures from the collection.   Send to Kindle

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A is for Another Stupid Idea

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One day I’m sat here minding my own business, the next I’ve agreed to do something stupid. This time the stupid thing is the A to Z Challenge and this is my first post. I’m going to try and theme my posts in a kind of loose way thus allowing myself to make things a […]

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Bye Bye Posterous

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On April 30th 2013 the blogging platform, Posterous, will shut down. This is both a bit of a shock and not really a shock at all. It’s main selling point was to allow easy blogging via email. But then along came smart phones with apps like the lovely WordPress app that meant you could blog […]

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