I is for Ideas

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If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s coming up with ever more ideas for stories or other projects. And you can pretty much guarantee that if anything is going to stop me from writing what I’m supposed to be writing it’s having a great idea for something else to write. Right now for example, […]

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The Self Promotion Monster

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There’s a lot of talk about self promotion on Twitter right now. It’s all down to an article in The Guardian about one Mohsin Hamid who has been branded a monster for his particularly vehement style of getting his name out there. What’s he doing? Well from what I can gather, he has been tweeting […]

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Stop spamming, twit

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  I bloody love Twitter, me. It’s aces. Without Twitter, I’d have nobody to talk to each day. When I worked in call centres, I’d have various people in and around my pod who I could banter with throughout the day, working at home, I rely on Twitter to provide this very important function. So […]

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