The Faces of Harry Slade

As I’ve never written flash fiction before, I though it was about time I started.  And since today is National Flash Fiction Day, it seemed like a good day to, you  know…. start. So, here it is, my first flash fiction piece. The Faces of Harry Slade is a flash story based on an idea […]

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T is for Taking Time to Think

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Last night I did my second favourite thing to do when I’m alone in the flat. I had a bloody good think. I thought about my many writing projects and tried to work out what I can do about them all. This was brought about by mention on Twitter of a new film called Sharknado. […]

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O is for Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time there was a writer who wrote a story. He got as far as finishing the first paragraph and then proudly read back the work he had done. Right away he noticed some spelling errors and corrected them. Then he noticed that he’d written form, instead of from, several times and corrected […]

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K is for Keyboard

Today is one of those days where thinking is hard. Therefore I have decided to blame my keyboard. I feel this will become a trend in the coming weeks, especially on days where I can’t think of anything to write. Clearly it’s my keyboard that is at fault so I shall be keyboard shopping because, […]

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