He does websites

You want websites? He’s got your websites right here. Whether it’s a personal site (a never ending source of fun) or a business website (practically a necessity) Mr Uku can help you out.

He’s been working with wildelycreative and Meldrum Media to provide websites and blogs for all kinds of people for ages. While the design and build work is done by Karen at wildelycreative or by Annette at Meldrum Media, Mr Uku looks after the back office work. He takes care of setting up the client’s account, installing the software, offers solutions to technical issues and helps out when things go wrong. Lately, he’s expanded his side of the operation to include hosting for domains, which means that if you want a website or blog, you only have to deal with one person and everything is taken care of.

He calls his operation, CakeHosting and he offers:

  • Space on the internet to build your online home
  • Help and advice in the running of your site, or he can run it for you
  • Talented designers to build your site for you

And it’s all available at reasonable cost. There will be prices available on the CakeHosting Website soon but, for now, you can contact Mr Uku directly and he’ll answer your questions and provide prices for you.


Mr Uku also now designs and builds websites. Below are some examples of his work so get in touch  if you’d like him to build one for you:

Gig Barn small Grace Uncensored small