He does writing

There was a time before words existed, when man was forced to communicate with nothing but grunts. Early essays and novels were very confusing to read which is why they resorted to drawing on cave walls.

A few weeks later, words were invented and some time after that, Steve Guttenberg invented the printing press and thus was born Police Academy. And it was at this time Mr Uku discovered he too could use words and maybe one day he could use them in written form to write a story about some monkeys who go on to form their own police force.

Now Mr Uku makes some of his living doing writing, you can hire him if you like. But what he really wants is to make all of his living from writing novels. He’s working on more than one, including the infamous Monkeygeddon series, The Foul Tale of Skeleton Bob and The Circus Tales of Septimus Jaggs.

Below are a few samples of his fiction for your entertainment and education:


Bunco and Jaggs’ Circus of Whimsy and Merriment.

Max Height: Down The Drain

Flash Fiction

The Mermaid – A Sample Scene

And you can read more about his adventure in writing over on Will Write For Cake.