This weeks theme is my exposed body. I suspect this was meant to be an attempt at getting me to write an honest (brutally so) poem that left me exposed as a “good” poet should. However, since I tend to write in character I had a lot of trouble getting into it. Consequentially, this is all I managed:

This is me  standing here in the nude
I’m not being funny and I’m not being rude
But is that meant to be there, do you think, can you see?
I’ve no clue what it is and it burns when I pee.

I’ve hair on my thighs and hair on my belly
There’s lumps in odd places and bits that are smelly
Of course I wash and scrub and clean ‘em
My right plum sparkles and so does my leftun.

It’s not Byron is it. But it could probably pass for Wordsworth or possibly Yeats.


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