This poem was written some time ago and I totally forgot to post it here. It got over 340 views on Hello Poetry and was a trending poem for 1 day which will most likely be the highlight of my career 😀

Bury me in the potter’s field
But please make sure I’m dead
I don’t want to wake up underground
When I should wake up in bed

Bury me in the potter’s field
Bury me good and deep
But slap me hard to make sure I’m dead
And not just fast asleep

Bury me in the potter’s field
Bury me in my pants
And please stick a big cork right up my bum
So I don’t fill up with ants

Bury me in the potter’s field
Bury me in a box
But in case I’m not dead, put a hat on my head
And my feet in some warm woollen socks

I think the poem needs a few more verses to be properly complete. I like the idea of how it starts off in a way that sounds like a serious attempt at a proper poem (although it’s far from that) but then get progressively sillier with each verse.

Anyway, I thought I should post it here, since I went to the trouble of creating a poetry category and all. Plus I needs to start posting here more regular. And I will. 2017 is feeling very creative.

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