If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s coming up with ever more ideas for stories or other projects. And you can pretty much guarantee that if anything is going to stop me from writing what I’m supposed to be writing it’s having a great idea for something else to write.

Right now for example, I’m supposed to be writing a guide to WordPress aimed at writers. I need to get it done so I can get on with the rewrites of Monkeygeddon and I need to finish the plot outline for my multiverse story.

I get ideas all the time and have taken to writing them down (and then there’s the two picture books I’ve got mostly written) and have even started a new book just to keep story titles in.

Where do all these ideas come from? Well, they mostly come from you lot.

Annoying isn’t it? There you are struggling to come up with ideas of your own and I’m harvesting your thoughts for my own ends. Well not quite. Most of the stuff I come up with starts life as a misread something or other. Usually something on Twitter will catch my eye and I’ll start reading it. Ooh look, I’ll say to myself, a new subspecies of Sparrowhawk has… and then the stream will jump and I’ll suddenly find myself reading the last half of an entirely separate tweet… Infiltrated the BBC canteen.

If it’s a particularly good one, I’ll write it down and start thinking about it. And that’s when the procrastination starts. Nothing is more exciting than a new project and it’s really hard to put it to one side (and I’ve got a children’s horror story to be getting on with) while you continue with the work you’re supposed to be doing.

So I won’t be getting on with the WordPress guide just yet because I’m thinking things through for a zombie story I had a dream about. And then there’s the (did I mention the Dogboy Adventures I’d been planning?) podcast that I’d really like to have a go at. Still trying to come up with a good idea for that. I might do a talking version of this blog so I can expand on points I’ve already made in writing. Not sure how useful a writing podcast from an unpublished writer would be. Or I might do the one man sitcom I had an idea about yesterday.

The important thing is I’m being creative. Just because I get distracted occasionally (Bunco & Jaggs’ Circus needs plotting out too. Oh and I need to have a good long think about Deathalopod) it doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything.

Maybe I should just stop everything and write that story about the murderer with OCD.


Maybe I should try to think of a good subject for tomorrow’s J post.

Oooh, a penny.

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