The fridge was quite empty, the cupboard was bare
The space where my cheese was, was now filled with air
No Cheddar, no Stilton, no Edam, no Brie
It was a Wensleydale fail, no cheeses for me

My evening was ruined, I hated my life
No cheeses, just cheese board and little cheese knife
They looked so bereft with no cheese and no crackers
My friends would all shun me, reputation in tatters

At least I still had a nice bottle of port
But it’s just not the same when you’re four cheeses short
And drinking alone wouldn’t make me forget
That I had no more cheese in my small kitchenette

But wait, it’s still early, the shops are still open
There’s still time to buy a nice mixed cheese selection
My evening is safe! I shall have my cheese spree
With Cheddar and Stilton and Edam and Brie

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