As it’s Halloween, I thought I’d do you a creepy poem. Then I thought I’d get Mr Fancy Buttons to record it. Then I thought I’d better put it all on the website along with the creepy illustration at the top of the page.

So here it is:

Jenny Hodges as read by Fancy Buttons

When Jenny Hodges killed her dog and took its insides out
Nobody tried to stop her, nobody gave a shout.
She’s just a little girl they said, and not an awful brat
She’s curious, inquisitive, no harm can come of that.

So Jenny took the puppy’s eyes and laid them on the floor
Its kidneys, heart and little tongue, He won’t need them no more.
She carefully removed its guts and then pulled out its spleen
Finally she took its lungs to complete the horrid scene

Jenny stood to view her work and felt quite satisfied
And was happy with the gore and blood and how the pup had died
Then Jenny Hodges wiped her knife and gave a little smirk
And wondered what it was that made her baby brother work

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