Today is one of those days where thinking is hard. Therefore I have decided to blame my keyboard.

I feel this will become a trend in the coming weeks, especially on days where I can’t think of anything to write. Clearly it’s my keyboard that is at fault so I shall be keyboard shopping because, much like tying to find the exact pen, having the exact keyboard is the only thing I need to make my writing more better.

I’m eyeing up two at the moment. One is £80 and the other is £30. One lights up, the other doesn’t. Either of them will enable me to write my début novel properly. Either of them could be the magic bullet that will make my writing sing from the page. Either of them will be better than this keyboard. And I’ll prove it, look.

This sentence is being written with my current keyboard.

And now here it is again without any editing or corrections:

gshkljsgdloigdflkhjgsdfklj z sgoigsd;lhkgzsdkl j;z;lkjzgsdl;kzsdgfhl;kj


If anyone needs me, I’ll be in Amazon.


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