P is also for pork, procrastination and pissing about.

I thought I might do one of those “clever” posts where everything starts with P. I was positively panicked at the potential paradox of putting pen to paper that I pouldn’t peven pake phis pentence pake pence.

Or something.

So I stopped.

Stopping is always good. Of course it is. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have picked procrastination as my theme.

I stop for all kinds of reasons. Luckily I’ve got the list of things down to a few that I keep coming back to. I will always stop for pork products. Sometimes I even stop to photograph them. I haven’t painted any pork products yet. But I have done this:


When I do photogrpah things, I do this:

As you can probably tell, I’m not putting in much effort today. That’s because I am procrastinating. Do you see?

Yes it’s a cop out, but what did you really expect? join me tomorrow when I shall be Quietly Quacking into a Quilt.

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