Valentines CardThis week’s theme was, an invitation. It could be any kind of invitation and at first I thought I’d do one called, Come to the Orgy. I got as far as

Come to the orgy
We can have such fun
You can take me in the kitchen
And I’ll do you up the….

And then I thought, no, I’ll do a nice one instead. And here it is. It’s called,

D’ya Wanna?

D’ya wanna come to my house?
D’ya wanna come for tea?
Dya wanna play some board games
and spend some time with me?

D’ya wanna go the pictures?
D’ya wanna sit and talk?
D’ya wanna go to Maccie Ds
or go out for a walk?

D’ya wanna go the park with me?
D’ya wanna hug the trees?
D’ya wanna go for ice-cream
and hope your brain don’t freeze?

D’ya wanna hold my hand a while?
D’ya wanna be my friend?
D’ya wanna come and be with me
and hope the day don’t end?

And yes, I realise I’m a week late with this. I’m still working on what is supposed to be this week’s so it’ll be a surprise when I finally finish it.

You’re welcome.

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