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Well this poetry thing isn’t going well at all. I’m a week behind and only coming up with partial works. Still, I might as well post what I’ve done, if for no other reason than to show that I’ve not just given up.

So here’s this week’s. Or is it last weeks? Anyway, the theme was animals. The mistake they mad e in the book was using a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem about a kestrel as an example. It’s that kind of thing that puts people off poetry.

I wanted to write a proper poem about a crow, and I still might, but instead I did this one called:

My Cat’s A Wanker.

He creeps into my bedroom in the dark while I’m asleep
He’s silent and he’s stealthy and he does not make a peep
Carefully he tiptoes round and sits upon my bed
Then, HUURK HUURK HURRRRRRK, drops a furball on my head

He’s the prince in the velvet coat, the king of the house
Though he doesn’t seem to do much and has never caught a mouse
He lords it over all of us from the easy chair
Cos my cat’s a wanker and he just don’t care

You’re welcome.

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