Flash! Aaah Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Flash fiction is like short stories, only really short. Sometimes they’re only a few paragraphs long. Sometimes they’re only a single paragraph and then they might be called micro fiction.
These are mine. They’re complete stories in under 1000 words.
You might like them.

The Juggler

My other story for National Flash Fiction day is The juggler. Based on an idea for my Bunco & Jaggs Circus collection this story gave me the chance to test the theme. Hope you like it. Send to Kindle

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The Faces of Harry Slade

As I’ve never written flash fiction before, I though it was about time I started.  And since today is National Flash Fiction Day, it seemed like a good day to, you  know…. start. So, here it is, my first flash fiction piece. The Faces of Harry Slade is a flash story based on an idea […]

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