Blogs, Twitter & The Social Network

When it comes to blogging, and the social network in general, Mr Uku has a lot to talk about. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by something as dumb as Twitter, maybe he can help you.

Shiny Stuff Syndrome

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It is a fact, at least to people who know me, that I have a liking for many things. I very often start new hobbies, buy all the kit, and after a week or two I put it all away and never use it again. Among my friends, this is referred to as shiny stuff […]

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The Self Promotion Monster

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There’s a lot of talk about self promotion on Twitter right now. It’s all down to an article in The Guardian about one Mohsin Hamid who has been branded a monster for his particularly vehement style of getting his name out there. What’s he doing? Well from what I can gather, he has been tweeting […]

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Bye Bye Posterous

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On April 30th 2013 the blogging platform, Posterous, will shut down. This is both a bit of a shock and not really a shock at all. It’s main selling point was to allow easy blogging via email. But then along came smart phones with apps like the lovely WordPress app that meant you could blog […]

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New Year: Resolutions & Wishes

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It’s New Year’s Eve and will soon be 2013. 2013! How the fuck did that happen? Last thing I remember was getting drunk, eating cheese and complaining about the weather. Suddenly it’s the new year and I don’t appear to have achieved anything. Again. Oh well, maybe 2013 will be different. Maybe I’ll finally get […]

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Stop spamming, twit

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  I bloody love Twitter, me. It’s aces. Without Twitter, I’d have nobody to talk to each day. When I worked in call centres, I’d have various people in and around my pod who I could banter with throughout the day, working at home, I rely on Twitter to provide this very important function. So […]

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Business blogging – Nobody likes a shill

Recently, I’ve been trying to push my writing business toward the online world, and away from the printed. Now,with a little help from a friend, it’s finally happening. I’m now promoting my skills as a blogger for hire and we’ve got a few companies interested. We’ve done this by getting them to think of their […]

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